The training space

The perfect place for creative and professional artists rehearsals in an inspiring atmosphere. All the technical requirements for aerialists, pole acrobats and other special acts are here, safety is paramount.

Professional Training

Space 1: "Creation" I 155qm
Space 2: "Studio" | 65qm
Space 3: "Fitness" | 60qm

  • Rigging points at 5.50-7m height
  • Pulleys and rope systems
  • Anchor points for pole, slack rope…
  • Landing mats/ blocks
  • Fitness- & Pilates Equipment
  • Sound system
  • Mobile mirror
  • Dance floor / gymnastic floors
  • Projector, screen, TV

Optionally bookable: Aerial tissue, aerial hoop, vertical rope, trampoline, airtrack, handstand table


We offer workshops for people interested in sports (e.g. handstand workshop, teambuilding workshops) as well as professional coaches for artists in the field of acrobatics, aerial artistry or choreography.

Requests please here

  • Experienced coaches in the field of fitness, artistic gymnastics, acrobatics
  • 20 years of event and stage experience
  • Extensive equipment


At the moment we offer two courses.


Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic style of yoga in which movement and breathing combine to create a flowing experience. With a focus on precise execution, different body positions are varied and combined to create a harmonious and creative flow of movement sequences.

  • Course Wednesdays at 07.30pm
  • Course duration 75min
  • Price 12€
  • Parking spaces available

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga Flow is a combination of Hatha Yoga with acrobatic elements. The different postures flow into each other and the goal is to synchronize them with the breathing. The changing movements as well as the alternation between tension and relaxation, leads to harmony. With the support of the cloth and the overcoming of gravity, Aerial Yoga Flow creates a very unique feeling of lightness. With the help of the cloths, the physical posture can be better aligned and thus improves our body awareness.

  • Course Mondays 7.30pm
  • Course duration 90min
  • Price 15€
  • Parking spaces available